The Water Whispers

Memories In Pieces - Jigsaw Puzzle Rummaging Sounds & Whispering

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00:00 - Hi everyone, let me show and tell you what I'm going to be doing today! This part includes whispering, tapping and scratching on the puzzle box.

05:23 - Now that I told you what I'm going to be doing today it's time to remove the plastic from the box and share some puzzle memories with you in a hopefully soothing whisper voice :)

12:46 - I always used to love watching my grandpa opening a new bag of puzzle pieces. If you enjoy that too, you'll like this part which includes a lot of crinkly plastic sounds.

16:44 - Here I will be making lots of puzzle piece rummaging sounds while whispering and sorting out the frame pieces.

Last but not least I would like to add to the description that I really enjoyed filming this video for you all! I hope You'll find it relaxing and that you can enjoy it as much as I did making it. Also, I know I've been away for a while and that is because I'm doing a lot of soul searching lately. There are some important things that I need to work on from my past and it's going well, just need more time ^_^ Thank you for being so supportive! Much love and hug to you, Ilse.

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Nov 25th 2014 57 Comments
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 6h ago
Nathan BishopI never got into puzzles myself (Only finished one), but this is still
quite nostalgic :3 very nice.
Always admired people who have the patience for puzzles.
1 day ago
Noel WhiteI love how you tapped on the box.
2 days ago
hannahcatfulGreat video loved the whispering could you make a typing video with
whispering? If not thats fine but itd be so relaxing 
2 days ago
saikounikudaranaiI've been waiting for your updates, Ilsa!

Umm, this video can also make me asleep.Zzz
2 days ago
cbrb40Wow Ilse you sat right there in that scene with Chris? it's a beautiful
spot perfect quiet countryside and riverside. I think it's quiet there as
long as there's no speedboat races on that river. ;)-p
Love your relaxing ways Ilse your voice still the dreamiest and so are your
hands. I love your stories. Puzzles are so cool and fun I had some when I
was younger scenes like this and my favorite ones as a kid in the 60's were
the Jaymar monster puzzles made from the old universal films with beautiful
artwork. I had them all they;re worth a lot now too abs we never keep the
old toys.

1000 pieces? you're gonna be there quite awhile but keep talking we'll stay
right here with you until you complete it. ;) Love always for you from the
capt. xoxoxoxo
2 days ago
Brent ShapiroYES!!! I have watched the other puzzle piece video that you made, several
times! Nice to see something new! Another suggestion if I may... I like the
Dutch video, but can you do one with English subtitles? Thanks for this
video again!
2 days ago
Nora RayChaneli love ur video=)
3 days ago
ElaxASMRLove all your videos-ilse your videos are sooooooooooo relaxing
you are the inspiration that encourages me to make my own videos
Thank you

Mind checking my video as well?
3 days ago
vividsmile1Thanks for making another puzzle video!! You know that your first puzzle
video is my favorite ASMR video and I still watch it all the time! What's
funny, is that I bought 2 puzzle's for you, and will be sending them soon
with some other things. So, you & Chris will have a lot of puzzles, lol. 
3 days ago
ELWest1000I haaaaate putting puzzles together, but I love the sound the pieces make
when you play with them. Thanks!