The Water Whispers

A Warm Sip Of Sounds and Close Ups - ASMR Whispering Too!

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Hi sweeties ^_^ Here's a little sound sampler for you which I filmed with my new lens. Please let me know what you think of the new lens and I hope you enjoy this little concept and that you'll have a fantastic weekend! :) Love Ilse

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Aug 29th 2014 115 Comments
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  14m ago
Sandra NelsonI think that you will have a lot more flexability with this new lens. More
options. Scary hands, lovely ring. Could see all the brush hairs!
 1h ago
poetgbThis is an interesting video. It is short but sweet, mainly because of the
wonderful sound of your voice and whisper. I like the close up from the
camera. It looks nice and clear. 
 5h ago
anne-sophie Rateaumy favorite vidéos of yours ! great quality and very nice sound :)
kisses from France ! 
 7h ago
Bridget Lavender EkeizanThe new lens has amazing clarity! Well done Chris :) lovely video as always
 7h ago
Maggieabsolutely beautiful tingles. I loved the chimes with the brush, and all
of it! The close up adds great effect. Part of your success I believe
comes from how sensual you are in your voice and movements. It adds so
much to the already perfectly executed videos.
 8h ago
CalmingEscape .Oh I love this... Great footage :)
 8h ago
Fudgiedawhale35This is so sharp and clear, I would swear you were right in front of me.
So, obviously I enjoyed it very much, on that fact alone :) Its like I have
a whole new set of eyes!
10h ago
Anastasia LeuckLove love love your new lens :) 
14h ago
Amy McLeanAnother amazing video! x
17h ago
Shannon FeeseLooks perfect!