The Water Whispers

ASMR Brushes - Ear And Face Brushing Included!

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See down below, to each their own! ASMR Trigger Guide: What to expect where?

00:00 - Hello! I missed you! Let me tell you what we're going to do today!

01:47 - Let me show and tell you in a soft spoken voice combined with whispering, wind sounds and lots of visual ASMR triggers, what kind of brushes I have. I will be doing this in kind of
an observing and calming way so that you can relax and see every single detail of each brush.

10:37 - I don't know about you but I LOVE the sounds of makeup brushes that they make when they're all together and someone rummages through it with their hands. Gives me mega tingles!
If you like that too, lets have a closer look at these makeup brushes and enjoy the sounds together!

18:11 - Here I will be doing lots of old fashion ASMR camera lens/face brushing while I give you lots of personal attention in a friend role playing kind of way and you will also be seeing a lot of visual triggers combined with soft binaural ear brushing, binaural ear to ear whispering and soft breathy speaking.

Last but not least I would like to add to the description that I thought it was finally quiet to film a long video but then it appeared to be very windy outside! Until the 9th minute of this video or so you can hear the windows because of the strong wind outside. Haha it might give you the feeling of comfort and that you're really sitting together with me but If you don't like it or find it spooky in some sort of way please skip to the second part of this video right away which you can find here 10:37

Many people have been asking me about this so here it is: If you wish to send me gifts, postcards ASMR props, you name it, you can send it to this address and please include your address and let me know if I can show it in a snail mail video :D

Ilse Blansert
34 Eglinton Avenue West
Suite 208
Toronto ON M4R 2H6

- If you have no idea what ASMR is or what the purpose of this video is watch this video:
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***Disclaimer: This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological problems please consult your physician or doctor.
Nov 13th 2014 154 Comments
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6 days ago
TheWaterwhispersI just L O V E how you guys accept me for who I am! Thank you <3 It's much
7 days ago
worzelg77Hey :) These are fantastic brushing sounds, I think your work is
tremendously good, please keep the videos coming! Is there a chance you
could make another hair brushing video? I love that trigger and was
wondering if you could maybe include some flipping your hair forwards and
brushing it too?
7 days ago
TheWaterwhispersHahah I am so surprised no one has noticed little Lina puppy behind me in
the first part of the video ^_^ Sometimes she moves but she blends in with
the background pretty well :P
7 days ago
L BurnsOh Ilse I just love you so much! ^_^ You are just such a warm, beautiful
person! You make me feel all fuzzy inside (in a strictly platonic way

Thank you for what you do, it really means so much to me to feel such
relaxation & comfort. You have literally given me a lot of my sanity back
through these videos!

P.S - I love the sound of the wind, I remember you could hear the wind in
another of your videos & I loved it then too. Makes me feel cozy :P

1 weeks ago
Hermetic KittenJust dropping by to tell you that you are the sweetest and most talented
ASMRtist on earth. I was having a rough moment and your videos where there,
as solid as a rock, powerful, calming, soothing. For the first time in over
a week I could sleep and when I woke up, I understood that I had to thank
you for that. Your presence is the most soothing element, you are
beautiful, passionate, charismatic! Thank you for being so special,
gorgeous Ilse! And thank you for helping me with your wonderful creations!
1 weeks ago
TamiASMRI love it! Some of those brushes look familiar lol I can't wait to see a
makeup tutorial from you! I'm going to try to film one myself tonight since
I just got the Vice 3 palette from Urban Decay =) Hope all is well! 👍💖
1 weeks ago
P BruceSo good to hear from you Ilse. Your voice is golden. I listen to you last
night and went straight to sleep. Great video! ~Phil 
1 weeks ago
DonnaASMRWow, you have a lot of brushes for a person that doesn't use a lot of
make-up! :D very tingly video again! Thank you!
1 weeks ago
LOA WhispersOld school ASMR woot! 
1 weeks ago
sgcollinsnice lighting in this movie. i like the colors.