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Hello everyone! I am currently on a tour in Quebec and luckily enough we have wifi today yay!! In this video I will be folding my clothes because I was preparing for the trip to Quebec. This was supposed to be uploaded on Friday already before I left but my Youtube account didn't let me log in for some reason so I am terribly sorry for the delay but here it is! Much love to all of you and I hope you'll enjoy this video. Ilse

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Jul 20th 2014 208 Comments
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11h ago
Janick Aubelyou want to immigrate from the Netherlands to Canada? why? 
14h ago
Casual ASMRWhat did you do to fix it because thats is happening with my account
1 day ago
Whispered_StoriesI remember kind of zoning out when I was little whenever I watched my mom
fold towels- I always found in so relaxing to watch! I hope you get
everything worked out with your immigration papers. Thank you for another
wonderful video. I hope you and Chris have a great vacation <3
1 day ago
MadelopeHi Ilse, you should try to go to Yorkdale mall! If you live in downtown
toronto there is a subway line that goes right into the mall. They have a
lot of stores there :) I like to shop at urban planet because they have
every style for really cheap! Good luck!
1 day ago
DonnaASMRI really love the beginning! You are such a lovely person! Thanks for
making these wonderful videos and there's no need to apologize for the
delay! I've had the same problems with YouTube. Keep it up! <3
1 day ago
pikap864You should vlog during the tour, i think most people would want to see it
1 day ago
caliigurl925please make an immigration video! I currently live in Canada, but I have a
SO who lives in the states. I'm trying to understand the best way to make
his immigration work! I'd love to hear more.
1 day ago
Estefisosa84thanks Ilse, in this video it seems that "us" are there folding clothes
with you and meanwhile you're telling us your plans, is a very good video
for me, relaxing and a little "warm" thanks again, hugs and have fun! xoxo
(oh by the way I'm gonna watch Chris' grandma ASMR channel, now! =P )
2 days ago
mymiridionWait wait I going to meet Grandmom Weaver? Sweeeeet ;)
2 days ago
asmronly24I want to watch the sub number and see the almighty 123456 soon. Idk why...