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10 Minute Tingles - Sssk Ssssk Sssk Sounds & ASMR Whispering (Read Description)

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Hi sweeties ^_^ This is going to be a short 10 minute tingle video and the person who inspired me to make this is Dmitri ASMR (keep reading for the link to his channel)

Currently I am studying for my English language test which I need to do before I can apply for immigration and I really underestimated how difficult the reading and writing parts are, so I have to dedicate all my time on studying for the next 3 days. I have the language test on the 2tn of August and I need to send out my Immigration application on the 15th of August so after that's over and done with, I'll have a bit more time again to film longer videos ^_^. Till that time please bare with me and I'm sorry if you don't enjoy short videos! That's the best I can do at the moment! I look a little tired in this video but that's because there's so much going on at the moment (immigration, studying for language test, organizing ASMR world tour, Media, filming, editing and replying to comments) that I didn't really get a good sleep for the past few days :P

This 10 minute tingle videos features ear to ear whispering and the sssk sssk ASMR sound which was requested MANY times by you! I hope that this is what you had in mind and much love to all of you.

Dmitri ASMR has a YouTube channel called Massage ASMR and he is very very good. He came up with the idea to create videos called 'two minute tingle videos' which inspired me to make a short 10 minute tingle video. Thank you Dmitri and feel free to check him out! He's very good :D

- If you have no idea what ASMR is or what the purpose of this video is watch this video:

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Jul 31st 2014 182 Comments
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12h ago
Rosa Sandoval ArrietaI guess the immigration process has changed cause all I needed to do do is
memorize American history 
18h ago
Jessica GutierrezGood luck on your test Ilse! And thank you for taking time out of your
busy,schedule to make a quick video. It is much,appreciated!
18h ago
TheWaterwhispers+Derp Tsubasa By the time I came up with the sound I wasn't aware of the
fact that HeatherFeather made them as well? :P The first time I made this
sound in one of my ear cleaning videos was in October 2012, here's the link
to that video,

I didn't watch HeatherFeather at that time so if she made videos back then
with the same sound before me than it might be possible she came up with
it! ^^. But if I'm not mistaken she published her first video with the sk
sk sounds in March 2013 so I don't know :P You tell me if I'm wrong! Don't
want to take any credit for something I didn't came up with but like I
said, if she did do it before me then that's great and I wasn't aware of
that! I love her sk sk videos ^^ Here's the link to her (what I believe was
her first sk sk video ^_^)
19h ago
The Inner Whisper CoachWith all the positive publicity you bring to Canada, I am sure they will
clutch you to their bosom as a Canadian citizen! Great work Ilse! Hug, The
Inner Whisper Coach
19h ago
Alexi TouniNew ASMR
20h ago
Chris LoveAwesome!!!
21h ago
Kathie R.Good luck on the language exam, dear Ilse!! xx
22h ago
Bridget Lavender EkeizanGood luck for your tests! You are an angel Ilse :) x 
22h ago
Lauren MiklovicGood luck on your test! <3
22h ago
cbrb40Ilse you're doing so many things at once make sure you get enough rest in
between all that. yeah it's the age of multi-tasking I do it too but I have
8 arms I can get a lot done.I told you I was Neptunian. ;)-p Wishing you
all the best in everything you do my dear. Your SSSK-ing is so beautiful
you know how to calm and relax us better than anyone. and you're still the
cutest prettiest thing! Lots of love always! xoxoxo :)

ok now I must rescue a planet from evil oppressors,then give a tour of the
galaxy to some Earthlings,then answer some emails here,and that's all in
one day,it's good thing I have all those arms. ;)