The Water Whispers

Up Close Video About Dutch Guilders - ASMR Soft Spoken Show & Tell

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If you want to skip the talking in the beginning and go straight to the unpacking and show and tell part of the Dutch Gilders click here 02:35

Hello sweeties :D I missed you all a lot and I am happy to say that we're living in our new home which will allow me to film videos more often again, yay!! Today I have a relaxing, soft spoken video for you where I will be showing you the old Dutch currency which we used to have before the Euro. I ordered this package on a Dutch website and it was so rapped up so well, It's almost like the seller knew that I had an ASMR channel :P

You can find the following ASMR triggers in this video:
whispering, soft speaking, show and tell, up close shots of coins, tissue paper, bubble wrap, newspapers and white noise.

My fiance Chris, digital media producer, helped me with the production of this video. Check him out :D

Many people have been asking me about this so here it is: If you wish to send me gifts, postcards ASMR props, you name it, you can send it to this address and please include your address and let me know if I can show it in a snail mail video :D

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***Disclaimer: This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological problems please consult your physician or doctor.
May 3rd 2015 91 Comments
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13h ago
Alex BeauDon't worry Ilse, we Germans understand you on confusing the last two
numbers ;)
15h ago
Miss ASMRDie goede oude gulden..
Brings back memories! Geweldig om ze weer eens te zien, de ouderwetse
dubbeltjes/kwartjes/rijksdaalders. Thanks Ilse! ♡
19h ago
SkraelOh where were you last month? :D I was looking for references for old
Dutch Guilders for my Girl with a Pearl Earring project ;) ;)
19h ago
cbrb40Ilse you sure are back to top form,perfect sound your soft talking is my
favorite even more than the whispering which I love so much also. Those
things are very valuable I'm talking about the bubble wrap very rare you
should save it it's worth something. ;)-p kidding. you ain't joking with
the wrapping they mummified those coins. the Dutch coins are really
beautiful love old coins or any antiques. I like the crown on the coins and
the Guilders very nice. you got a whole bunch of them,now you can buy me
things. haha
Your video is beautiful so incredibly relaxing and we get to learn things
too. I always love your hands and I counted you still have 10 fingers 5 on
each that's cool,it's the right amount. ;)-p
Big Love and Hugs Ilse,so nice to see you and Chris in your new home.
1 day ago
Michael YoungYaaaay! You're back again! It's always always worth the wait! Love ya! ^_^
1 day ago
LauraOnTubeI love your videos, but unfortunately the blurriness caused by your camera
not focusing makes me feel nauseous :-(
1 day ago
WhateverIsTrue01Clicked on this as soon as I saw it, I've missed you Ilse! Oh, and congrats
on 150k, by the way. ;)
1 day ago
Mike CameronYeah, I sure miss the time where we still had our dubbeltjes and kwartjes
:) nice seeing this in a video.
1 day ago
1 day ago
P BruceI'm always interested in old coins or coins from different countries. Ilse,
your sweet voice made the video even better. Thanks for sharing. ....~Phil
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