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☃ ASMR Christmas Came Early This Year! ☃

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Oh my goodness Christmas snail mail was fast this time! I was so excited and happy to see all the cards and gifts that I decided to make one long tingly unpacking video out of it :) It took me 90 minutes to film, 5 hours to edit and 28 hours to upload, I'm not kidding but that's okay. I hope it was worth it and that I can get you into the Happy holiday vibe with this Christmas edition and there's only one more thing left to say, Merry Christmas!

PS: I know that some of you still wanted to send me something for Christmas so I think I'll have to make a second part soon ^_^!

00:00 - Hello! Let's get started, we have a lot of cards and packages to go through today :)
02:13 - Card from Holly, gift card
05:07 - Package from Claire, knitted gloves
14:41 - Card from Samantha
21:21 - Package from Kindra, necklaces
31:58 - Card and package from Adrianne, Gift cards
41:38 - Pink card from Jennifer
44:14 - Package from Blake, letter opener
46:24 - Letter from Jennifer
48:49 - Package from Rick, ornaments, mug, candle
01:06:07 - Card From Maren
01:10:32 - Package from Dave, T-Shirt
01:13:11 - Card from tom ASMRMachine

Many people have been asking me about this so here it is: If you wish to send me gifts, postcards ASMR props, you name it, you can send it to this address and please include your address and let me know if I can show it in a snail mail video :D

Ilse Blansert
34 Eglinton Avenue West
Suite 208
Toronto ON M4R 2H6

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Dec 19th 2014 128 Comments
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2 days ago
reeba jacksonI love your hair like that! Those glove thingies totally added to my
tingles for some reason! lol
3 days ago
Pixi WhispersMy favourite vids from you are gift ones! So many tingled. Merry Christmas,
lovely. xx
3 days ago
KittenCat SprinklesYou do not only make me relaxed, but you also make me so happy! <3 Whenever
you smile, I smile back. :) You are so beautiful and I wish you the
happiest Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year <3
3 days ago
Megan WagnerGreat video! You remind me of Natalie Portman in this one. Happy holidays!!
3 days ago
Ben PangHey Ilse! Just like to say that I've been watching for a few years now and
i've never really commented much! Such a big fan, love your videos and I
love it when you add all the little aspects of your life hahahaha. Have a
lovely Christmas, all my love, B XXX
3 days ago
TheOneLiliumThese unpacking vids are sooo cozy and tingly :3 love it girl! Ur so lucky
to receive so many amazing gifts! :) get well soon hun! X
3 days ago
Brandy McMasterThose beads in the!! Looking forward to those!! Do some after
christmas sale shopping. Usually you can get 75% + off decorations. Great
video :)
3 days ago
Anna CampasSo glad I discovered your YouTube site Ilse!
3 days ago
EnergyoneRemind me to punch your ISP for limiting your upload speed like that. I
mean... 28 hours to upload a 1h17min HD vid is crazy.
3 days ago
Ashley JacksonJust got so excited!! Cannot wait to watch this when I'm off of work!!
Merry Christmas from Oklahoma
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